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Soul "manifestation"

Dear Family of Light!

Things may not always go the way we expected, and not everything will turn out as we wanted it to on our path of the Soul. Many people say: "Oh, we can manifest anything we want, " but they often forget that the way how we truly manifest here does not always come from our highest Soul potential. So know that when our desire is to create and manifest from our highest Soul potential and for the greater good of All That Is, we are not only serving ourselves, but the greater collective within Creation. Truth is different on different levels of awareness, and it's awareness that truly creates. That is also why many people are creating many different things ... always on their own level of awareness.

So be careful what You wish for, for the path of the Soul is that of true Self alignment. Sometimes this will take for things that are not within that highest alignment, to fall away or fall apart like a house made of cards. But then again, something greater shall be built and our inner alignment will push only towards the highest and the ultimate ... that which is not for our external happiness, but for the internal Bliss of the Soul. We have to know what we desire from the Soul and anchor it through our Heart, while not expecting how and when this desire will come to be. On this level of awareness, everything is in Divine timing and Divine order, and the personal makes room for the greater!

Sometimes this might feel like walking through a dark tunnel, while not knowing what to expect the whole time. But it is also a feeling of constant desire to continue walking no matter what, and knowing that there is always that Divine Light ... at the "end" of a tunnel ... until we enter another one, of course!

Let us continue to focus only on Soul Essences that are anchored within us! True Source manifestation does not chase anything or make something happen through control ... it creates from within! And that which is manifested this way, surely is Divine on all levels of Being! Is there anything better than this anyway?

The New is strongly calling us to believe in ourselves, even when others do not. Know that there will always be "naysayers", but this is truly not important on our Soul journey. It is not about their perception ... it is about our own! What is important now, is how much we value ourselves and our Soul signature in this world. What are the marks we wish to imprint and what is the vibration we wish to give out? There is no more time to procrastinate and waste our time with old dramas ... it is time to kick off our heels and dive deeply into our multidimensional Soul purpose that we are!

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. How can You Be Divine Love embodied even more?

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