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Holding our vibration: Moving into the Heart

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

The more that we realize how important it is to hold our vibration at its highest right now, the more this will become a daily priority in our life. This is what is of utmost importance on our planet right now, and that is what so many volunteers came here to do. That is why we are truly invited to bring even more Love and Light when it gets the most challenging and difficult. And remember, all is a matter of perception anyway, so we are also invited to keep working on that. Nothing is either good or bad, for it's all about the experience.

We are not to give our power away to the external; the conditions, situations and people in our life, they are supposed to empower us as we keep sending more Light and Being the Love that we are!

Remember ... only Love has the power, for Love is truly the only real power in all Creation!

Within Divine Love, Polona

Tags: Empowerment


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